Smoke Ship - Dense Matter EP Release date: 24.06.2016


Psynon Records are proud to present Dense Matter by Brazilian producer Smoke Ship. 
Smoke ship needs no introduction, a veteran in the scene, with a digital EP and a full length album already under his belt. Having recently joined Psynon Records, he now returns with Dense Matter, a 5 track EP suited for both the night time and the early hours of the morning consisting of 4 solo tracks and a collaboration track with fellow Brazilian producers Whiptogue and Fungoloyds. 
Dense Matter is the result of years of experimentation and refinement of Smoke Ship’s production skills. Dense Matter introduces a more elaborate sound with new dimensional frequencies and complex story telling. Driving, powerful and acidic, this EP will electrify any dance floor with its psychedelic vibrations. Finely crafted in the producers own unique style, Dense Matter will take you through a deep psychedelic trip. 
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released June 12, 2016 
Mastered by E.V.P @ Wild Mastering, UK 
Artwork by Geo-matrix Design, UK 
All tracks written and produced by Fernando Fortwnay except Track 4 written and produced with Charles Cardoso and Felipe Fernandes


Psynon Records are thrilled to bring you Nothing Personal EP, the debut, 3-track blasting release from the South African duo HigherWattska (Highstyle and Killawattt). Friends for many years, this pair compliment each other’s sound fully, and bring you an epic first release that is stomping and clean, yet oh-so-dirty!

This sonic Saffa team explore deeper and darker sounds with this debut EP, which boasts sharp atmospheres, weird FX, thick, chunky basslines and crunchy leads. This release aims to keep you digging deeper and grooving properly on the dance floor! Ranging from 148-150bpm, each face-melting track tells its own story, thoroughly winding and unwinding each groove and taking you on a journey down twisted territory and into the minds of these two talented producers. Play it loud, folks!

All tracks written and produced by: Corbin Todd-Duff &  Byron Sampson (

Mastered by : EVP @ Wild Mastering :

Cover Art by : Eduan Groenewald :

Released in 2016 by Psynon Records

Under a Creative Commons licence for Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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Synthalienz - Digital Realms EP Release date: 07.01.2016


Psynon Records proudly presents Digital Realms, the debut release by newcomers Synthalienz. Synthalienz are the latest addition to the label’s musical arsenal, consisting of two members, Haris (AKA Nomad25/Isochronic) and Antreas (AKA Kacid). A collection of four powerful dance-floor shakers ranging from 148 to 152 BPM, Digital Realms is the result of hours of research and experimentation in the quest for discovering new dimensional frequencies. The results are twisted and groovy, with powerful leads and lysergic atmospheres. Each track features its own unique journey through the endless abyss of psychedelic soundscapes. We hope you enjoy exploring your Digital Realms!

All tracks written and produced by: Haris Demetriou aka Nomad25 and Andreas Kivittis aka Kacid

Mastered by: E.V.P - Wildthings Records @ Wild Mastering

Cover Art by: Paranormal Psyence

Under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).



Deviation Sequence - Various Artists Release date: 05.06.2015



Psynon Records is excited to present our new compilation “Deviation Sequence”, compiled by label head DJ Vert3x.

Deviation Sequence is Dj Vert3x’s first compilation for Psynon, an energetic journey of 10 unique tracks which have been blasting dance floors world-wide with huge response!

Deviation Sequence brings together Psynon artists and friends into a compilation of full power-driving psychedelia. Every track included in this compilation has been handpicked by Dj Vert3x, show-casing the label’s latest psychedelic music, as well as his eclectic taste in psytrance.
A collection of sonic marvels specifically designed for the dance - floor. Filled with driving basslines, crunchy beats and acid-laced leads. Deviating from the normal “formula” with unique and fresh sounds, it’s guaranteed to take you on an unforgettable journey.

Mastering by: Storm Mastering @
Art Work by: NomadiCortex @
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Psyned On Volume II EP Release date: 26.09.2014


Psynon Records are proud to present the second installment of the "Psyned On" digital series. Featuring tracks from Harmonic Rebel, Illustrator, Nomad25, and Smoke Ship.

Following the course set by the first release of the "Psyned On" series, Volume II will be taking you back to the underground in true ‘aving it PSYNON style.
A blend of dance floor-orientated night-time psytrance that has been tried and tasted on dance floors across the globe with great response.

Expect nothing less than a good dose of Psynon's stomp-friendly signature sound to get you Psyned On!

Mastered by E.V.P @ Wild Mastering, UK
Artwork by: Pouyan Khosravi

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©Psynon Records 2014

Exponential Territories EP Release date: 31.03.2014



Psynon Records strikes again with their next digital release Exponential Territories, featuring tracks from label artists Nomad25, Harmonic Rebel and talented friends Niria, Gelika, ZZbing and Loki.

Filled with bass-driven, acid-laced beats carefully chosen and skillfully written for your listening and dancing pleasure, Exponential Territories is sure to infect dancefloors around the globe.

Expect yet another pumping, groovy night-time psytrance release from the crew at Psynon Records!

released 29 March 2014
Mastering by Centauro@ Crystalline Immersion Studios
Artwork by: Geomatrix

©Psynon Records 2014
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Psyned On EP Release date: 24.12.2013



Psynon Records are proud to present their latest release, Psyned On EP.

Psyned On whisks together a thick blend of nighttime psytrance, featuring tracks from Harmonic Rebel, Illustrator, Nomad25, and collaborations between Nomad 25 vs Illustrator and Isochronic vs label manager DJ Vert3x.
This mini compilation delves deep into the signature sound of the label, bringing together Psynon's beat freaks and their sonic wares for a full-flavour release that will surely grace many a dancefloor.

Expect nothing less than a large dose of Psynon's stomp-friendly artillery to get you Psyned On.

©Psynon Records 2013


released 24 December 2013
Mastering by Centauro @ Crystalline Immersion Studios
Art Work by: Pouyan
Illustrator - Secret Vibes EP Release date: 22.07.2013



Psynon Records are very proud to present Secret Vibes, the long-awaited debut EP from Moroccan-born live act Illustrator.

Illustrator's first release showcases 3 tracks blending high powered psychedelia with his own flavour of driving forest trance. The dominance of his layered atmospheric sounds creates a distinct sonic aura, carrying his rich grooves into forest hyperdrive. Ranging between 147 and 150 BPM, each track on Secret Vibes has its own distinct feel, ranging from scintillating riffs and ambience, to crunchy, heavy atmospheres & leads all propelled by fluctuating, chunky bass lines for an exhilarating dancefloor experience.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more releases by Illustrator, there is plenty more where this came from!

Mastering by Centauro @ crystalline immersion studios
Artwork by Elena Simulynaite
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Harmonic Rebel - Once in Nature EP Release date: 03.05.2013


Psynon Records are very proud to present their latest release, Once in Nature, a 4-track EP from producer Harmonic Rebel.
Once in Nature follows on from several Harmonic Rebel tracks released on recent compilations from international labels.
This fresh new EP brings you a powerful taste of his own style of psychedelia, specifically engineered for the dance floor.
Once in Nature delivers a heady creation of deep, tight basslines, squelchy, hypnotic leads and groovy percussions.
Harmonic Rebel offers you three original tracks, alongside a remix of "No Prisoners", a now well-known and well-stomped banger from Isochronic (Harmonic Rebel & Nomad 25).
Once in Nature EP is a treat for psytrance lovers and whether it is played at night or day, is sure to shoot the dance floor into blast-off.

Mastering by Centauro @ crystalline immersion studios

Artwork by Psyflyart

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NOMAD 25 - SPIRAL ENTITIES EP Release date: 28.02.2013


Psynon Records proudly presents Spiral Entities, a 4 track EP from Nomad 25.

After several releases with the solo Nomad 25 project as well as with the Isochronic project (with Harmonic Rebel) next comes the 4 track EP "Spiral Entities", a selection of blasting tunes inspired by his last year's intense adventures around the world.

This EP channels his journey and the emotions experienced into an aural rabbit-hole filled with deep and aggressive basslines, layered leads and driving percussion. These tracks are designed to catapult dancefloors into a full-power stomping ground where crisp, solid grooves are the order of the night.

Spiral Entities EP adds to the growing roster of Psynon Records' brand of potent nighttime psytrance, and is sure to pave the way for more releases from the Nomad 25 solo project. Enjoy your spiral journey!

Mastering by Centauro @ crystalline immersion studios

Artwork by Psyflyart

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Ritual Emulations - Various Artists Release date: 14.12.2012


Psynon Records is proud to present their second compilation Ritual Emulations compiled by DJ Centauro. Ritual Emulations is an impressive array of dance floor stompers featuring Psynon artists as well as tracks and collaborations with well established names in the scene.

Intelligent and powerful this is an energetic journey of 11 unique tunes tried and tested on dance floors across the globe. Keeping the body and mind happy from start to finish the pumping underground sound of Psynon is guaranteed to touch the right nerves.

Buckle up and prepare for the blast….

Mastered by Centauro @ Alcatrance Studios
Available to buy at Bandcamp
FAGINS REJECT - DEGENERATE EP Release date: 25.11.2012

Free download in WAV, FLAC & MP3

Psynon Records is proud to present the debut release from Fagin's Reject - Degenerate EP.

Creeping up on the scene like a psychedelic dark horse, this London based artist presents a collection of 3 tracks all laced with what has quickly become his signature of sharp, trippy grooves and free-flowing,high-tech edge.

This release delivers dark, drippy beats weaved with undeniable funk, where every sound oozes into a bubbling puddle of twisted groove. Sticking to the sweet spot of146-148bpm, he's on a mission to re-inject dance floors with a healthy dose of gnarly psytrance, and these tried and tested tunes have rendered many a floor into grinning groovers.

Fagin's Reject's debut release is dirty, relentless, and is the first of many more releases to come.

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Mastered by: Centauro @ Alcatrance Studios
Cover Artwork & Design by: Funi
Isochronic - Section 6 EP Release date: 16.03.2012

Free download from Ektoplazm in WAV, FLAC, MP3.

Section 6 is the first Isochronic EP from Psynon Records and a taster of whats to come in the future. A selection of three pumping psytrance tunes with influences taken directly from the London underground. A reflection of their state of mind in the urban sprawl and a need to keep the blast alive....

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Psynon Records can also be found on Facebook and SoundCloud.
Mastered by Centauro @ Alcatrance Studios with cover design by B Skylark


Primordial Distortions - Various Artists Release date: 28.09.2011



Free download from Bandcamp or Ektoplazm in WAV, FLAC & MP3.

Primordial Distortion is our debut compilation and is available for free download from Ektoplazm. The tracks included are a showcase of their artists and an introduction to the sounds of Psynon.

Compiled by label owners and DJ's Whichdoctor and Jibba, this release has handpicked tracks from label artists Harmonic Rebel (Andreas Markitanis), Nomad 25 (Haris Demetriou), Seti (Fedro Marques) and Isochronic (Harmonic Rebel and Nomad 25). The compilation consists of eight underground thumping psytrance tracks ranging from nighttime to early morning styles all with their own unique frequencies and basslines.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Psynon Records can also be found on Facebook and SoundCloud. Mastered by Centauro @ Alcatrance Studios with cover design by Andy Thomas.